Flexibility More Important Than Ever in Today’s Technology Environment

Flexibility More Important Than Ever in Today’s Technology Environment

Do these terms sound familiar: SaaS, on-premise, off-shoring, on-shoring, the cloud, Big Data, mobile computing? I’m betting that not only have you heard of them, but you’re inundated with them.

Customers today are flooded with choices on how they should or shouldn’t operate their enterprise systems. And naturally, the IT vendors in the marketplace are all too willing to provide a myriad of choices. Mind you, all these choices are relevant and provide good strategies for the enterprise, however, the key for customers today is flexibility as no customer likes to be treated as a template, a “one size fits all” cog.

Organizations have many similarities and compliance requirements in terms of business processes, i.e. accounting practices such as Sarbanes-Oxley, corporate governance and security and compliance. However, in many other areas, customers have flexibility in how they determine what makes sense for their enterprise. They want to know that they can have choice in how they deploy and implement and use these enterprise solutions.

I believe choice is a good thing. Never do customers choose a single path that works only in a single, linear way.

You can also use soda online to rotate pages, which is very handy if you’ve accidentally scanned a document upside down. With the choices available today through technology, customers have the availability to pick and choose the best solutions that meet their needs.
The solution wraps to fit the business, not the other way around. We’re long past those days, and good riddance.

Solution providers who offer configurable systems that can can change as business needs change will be highly desirable. In my conversations, the flexibility aspect comes up as critical path time and again. IT vendors that take the best of what technology solutions can offer today and bring them together to help customers run their businesses more efficiently and effectively are the ones that will maintain a happy, satisfied and committed customer base in the 21st century.

So simple. So overlooked when a project plan gets down to bare metal.

Flexibility is key. Insist on it.

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