It’s All About the ROI: The Value of Oracle BI Apps for PeopleSoft (Part III)

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The Value of Oracle BI Apps for PeopleSoft (Part II)

Now that I have provided my opinion and thumbs up approval of the Oracle BI apps, let’s discuss the nuances of implementing them. With all of Oracle BI’s pre-built ETL, data structures and reports, one would probably think it should be very straightforward. Well, if your shop is totally vanilla and you  accept the metrics as


The Value of Oracle BI Apps For PeopleSoft

Having practical experience in supply chain, PeopleSoft ERP (SCM) and Business Intelligence (BI), I am naturally drawn to anything that combines the attributes of all three. Oracle BI applications for procurement and spend can do just that. We have spoken previously about how PeopleSoft query tools are BI tools and not a full-on BI enterprise product. 


Business Intelligence Requirements Gathering: Digging Deeper

First off: wow.  I wouldn’t have guessed that Business Intelligence (BI) requirements gathering was such a popular topic.  I say this becuase since I wrote my first post on the subject, about 20% of this blog’s daily traffic comes to us via search strings related to BI requirements gathering.  Clearly, people understand the importance –


Living together: Oracle BI and PeopleSoft

We previously discussed the basics of business intelligence and why companies – even in a down economy – should choose a BI tool. Today, we will explore a scenario that’s commonly talked about: having PeopleSoft ERP and Oracle BI applications happily coexist and thrive. First, the ERP side. PeopleSoft is a world-class ERP system and