Are We Doing the Right Things? [Part 1: Creating an Ideal Vision]

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Understanding Metrics for ‘Great Place to Work’ Initiatives

Many organizations striving to be perceived as a ‘Great Place to Work’ consider leveraging retention as a metric to assess their success. While a common practice, organizations often leverage it incorrectly. Let’s walk through a few of the pitfalls in using retention metrics and get to some meaningful ways to assess if your workforce wants


Understanding Business Transformation

Yes, you’ve heard it over and over again. Organizations make substantial investments in technology hoping to improve business practices. In the early stages of projects, the focus may indeed be using technology to improve the business, but as deadlines approach, this focus invariably narrows to enabling an on-time go-live. But there's more -- much more.


Ensuring Business Process Success Through Managing Organizational Change (Part 1)

Let’s start with the obvious: business process redesign, process engineering and business transformation all strive to affect an organization’s bottom line. Companies like Motorola, USAA and Toyota have reaped substantial benefits from these endeavors resulting in disciplines like Six Sigma, Lean and World-class alignment being commonly recognized as best practices across industries. And yet, so