Simplified Analytics

Simplified Analytics

Another Easy to Use and Powerful Tool Delivered by PeopleSoft

Are your end users looking for a more graphical representation of their analytic information? Are you seeking justification for moving to PeopleTools 8.55? If you have not already viewed the PeopleSoft Talk with Marc Weintraub: Simplified Analytics featuring Matthew Haavisto I strongly recommend you do.



With Simplified Analytics, the PeopleSoft team has delivered yet another easy to use tool designed to provide the analytic information end users seek. It’s an intuitive and simple to understand graphical interface that can be presented right in the context of a transaction. The most common use is embedding them right into the transaction. You can also present your Simplified Analytics in a tile as part of a dashboard or home page or combine multiple analytics into an analytic dashboard. The PeopleSoft development teams are already starting to deliver some Simplified Analytics embedded within certain applications but the intuitive and simple method for creating Simplified Analytics makes it something you may want to begin exploring now. So if you have not already watched the above episode of PeopleSoft Talk you should definitely check it out!

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