Test Drive the New Functionality in Auto Assignment & Dispatch

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If you’re planning on growing your business ERP is the way to go for today…and tomorrow. There have been many articles written about the pros and cons of each of these options for handling your maintenance and facilities management functions. They range from cost, flexibility, ease of use and complexity. It doesn’t matter what side


A Hidden Treasure of Valuable Information

Work Order Failure Tracking and Analysis Hidden Treasure. The words bring to mind gold doubloons, sparkling gemstones and may even bring out your inner pirate a bit. Now, you’re wondering how that relates to PeopleSoft Maintenance Management. Well, there is a hidden gem that is seldom used for capturing and analyzing equipment failure occurrences that


Auto Assignment Functionality

Automation has long been identified as a key indicator of progress – whether it’s the assembly line for building cars or the latest phone app – if we can automate it, we can become more efficient. By relegating those routine, repetitive functions to a machine or algorithm it frees us up to focus on more