Whether you are looking to get the most of your existing investment or are ready to venture into new software, MIPRO brings the most qualified people in the industry to optimize, upgrade and implement PeopleSoft. We are experts with PeopleSoft ERP (Financials, Supply Chain Management) and Human Capital Management and can help you with everything from optimizations to implementations and upgrades.



    Investing in new software isn’t always an option. Getting the most of your existing investment is, however. Our PeopleSoft Optimization methodology will work with your organization to get the most out of the applications you already own.

    In the era of PeopleSoft 9.2, new functionality is delivered on a continuous basis providing for new features and capabilities more than ever before.

    Our process will help you optimize and truly leverage PeopleSoft 9.2 by:

    • Develop and align overall departmental goals
    • Prioritize business process improvements with new available functionality
    • Assess how PeopleSoft is currently utilized
    • Uncover opportunities for automation
    • Find opportunities to utilize new functionality
    • Discover opportunities for data cleansing
    • Evaluate the utilization of analytics and reporting
    • Generate an Optimization Roadmap

    For all of the details, please see our data sheets: PeopleSoft HCM Optimization Services or PeopleSoft FSCM Optimization Services.


    With MIPRO’s Fluid Strategy Service you will be prepared for Fluid and have a strategy to deploy it to your organization.

    MIPRO’s Fluid Strategy is the first step, designed to get your organization started and introduce Fluid in a strategic and measured way. Our strategy allows you to move forward with Fluid so your organization embraces Fluid and asks for more.

    What we’ll do:

    • Create an overall Fluid Strategy
    • Design functional documents outlining the Fluid approach
    • Design technical documents built from the functional design documents
    • Develop in a production-like test or development environment
    • Provide support for user testing
    • Perform unit testing

    PeopleSoft Upgrades cover a wide spectrum – from the very simple to the necessarily complex. One might be a simple, lab-based, technical approach to versioning upgrades; while another is a sophisticated, full rethinking of business objectives that requires one to unlock untapped potential and functionality out of the software to deliver significant benefit to the enterprise.

    Wherever your need falls in that spectrum, we’ve got you covered.

    Our process begins with understanding, it evolves from anything from strategic planning, to full execution and testing or targeted support. We can support your upgrade in any of the following ways:

    • Fully lead, staffed and project managed upgrade from start to finish
    • Strategic and project planning to help define your upgrade approach, staffing and timeline
    • Project managing your upgrade
    • Providing functional and/or technical resources as needed to support your upgrade

    The true value inherent in any software investment is less in the product itself but more in how effectively it’s implemented. Great software, only when coupled with outstanding implementation, provides great value and return on investment.

    That’s why our PeopleSoft Implementation Methodology focuses entirely on the value you’re trying to capture out of your software investment—the business functions you are trying to improve, change or enhance, or the issues you are trying to solve.


    If you are a Texas State agency, MIPRO Consulting can show you how easy it is to use DBITS to procure services. DBITS Contract



Strategy + Planning

Assess business strategy, critical processes and technology needs to define project objectives and scope. Document project assumptions, constraints and risks to draft the project plan and create project environment.


Definition + Design

Conduct fit/gap workshop and analysis to identify technical and functional impact. Define PeopleSoft security requirements, develop design documents and create detailed project plan.



Update system configuration or develop customizations, interfaces, and reports. Perform unit testing, develop training materials, create test plan and scripts, run passes and create move to production checklist.


Test + Measure

Perform testing: system, integration, performance, user acceptance and backup & recovery.



Finalize production environment, conduct end-user training, execute final move to production, validate results and sign-off on go-live.

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