WorkCenters….What Are You Waiting For?

WorkCenters….What Are You Waiting For?

Often times, companies decide on doing technical upgrades and don’t take advantage of the new features that are available with a new release. One feature that is often overlooked are PeopleSoft WorkCenters. WorkCenters eliminate tedious navigating and provide a “one-stop shop” for business users to do such things as:

  • Process and perform transactions
  • Take actions on alerts
  • Review reports and analytics
  • Facilitate multi-tasking
  • Guide the user on their work priorities
  • Help identify bottlenecks

PeopleSoft delivers multiple WorkCenters and is expanding the list with each new release. The delivered WorkCenters are preconfigured with a set of pagelets and links. In addition, users can add their own pagelets and they also have the ability to personalize the look and feel of the pagelets.   The standard pagelets in WorkCenters include:

  • My Work: This is a personalized page that is delivered to the user through user-based configuration so one user’s work assignments are different from another user’s work assignments.
  • My Links: This pre-selected pagelet allows users to navigate to key functions of the application. Users can personalize this pagelet to include additional internal or external links.
  • Queries: This pagelet allows users to access public and private queries as well as pivot grids, PS Queries and PS Query Manager.
  • Reports and Processes: This pagelet allows users access to reports that they have generated and processes that they need to run.

Now that your interest is peaked, consider the fact that users will no longer need to open multiple windows at the same time to accomplish a task; users will only have to perform one ‘click’ to navigate to a particular page and they will be able to see a complete picture.

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