PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory

PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory

PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory 9.2 provides a lot of benefits and as new instances are released, new functionality is being added.

Across different industries, users perform tasks using handheld Windows-enabled devices, PDAs, tablets, and handheld rugged scanners. One area in particular that mobile devices have a big impact on is Mobile Inventory as it provides many benefits, such as improved accuracy, increased mobility, and convenience, thereby streamlining movement, counts, and inquiries while reducing human errors.

Mobile Inventory Management addresses various inventory and purchasing functions. The list of supported transactions includes such things as:

  • Par Count
  • Par Count Ad Hoc
  • Guided Count
  • Receiving Ad Hoc
  • Express Issue
  • Count by Location
  • Count by Item
  • Manual Count
  • Perform Put Away
  • Bin-to-Bin Transfer
  • Delivery Cart
  • Delivery
  • Receiving PO
  • Adjustments
  • Picking Feedback
  • Item Stock Inquiry
  • Fulfillment Inquiry

As you may have noticed, not all transactions and inquiries listed above may be relevant to your corporation. Not to worry, you have the option of selecting what will be implemented when using PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management.

On another note, there are several advantages of implementing PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory over a third-party hand held system to integrate mobile devices. The biggest advantage is that Mobile Inventory Management shares the same database as the other PeopleSoft SCM modules and eliminates the need to install, configure and maintain a separate database for your mobile device capture needs. As a result, some of the key features that Mobile Inventory has to offer includes the following:

  • Real-time mobile transactions on various rugged and personal devices
  • Reduction of data errors through barcode scanning
  • Support for transactions and inquiries in receiving and inventory
  • Rapid deployment leveraging existing PeopleSoft Inventory and Purchasing processes
  • Security enabled by Role and User ID
  • Leveraging of PeopleSoft Security setup
  • Easy personalization of page rendering on various devices based on user preferences and skill levels

If you have any questions regarding PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory or PeopleSoft in general feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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