Chris Birkholz

Chris Birkholz


Professional Passion

In his role as a Director, Chris works closely with our existing clients to help them maximize their use of PeopleSoft. He is passionate about creating new relationships and building trust to best serve his clientele. He is also responsible for introducing MIPRO to new potential clients through participation in user groups, conferences and professional networking.


Chris brings over his experience with PeopleSoft to our clients, working across multiple product pillars. He spent 4+ years working at Oracle, including most of that with PeopleSoft applications. The favorite part of Chris’ day is meeting with clients and potential clients to learn about them and the organization they represent. Helping solve a need or problem from start to finish with integrity is what keeps Chris passionate every day.

Personal Passion

When Chris is not working, he loves to spend time with his family and enjoys the many lakes of Minnesota. From growing up in a small town, he found being outdoors to be a place he enjoys spending much of his free time … whether that is hunting, boating, sports, or lounging outside.

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