Based in East Lansing, Mich., MESSA has serviced the health care needs of Michigan’s pubic school employees for nearly 50 years. With 300 employees statewide, the company places a strong emphasis on member education, wellness and preventive care through an efficient business model and outstanding customer service.

In an effort to streamline their ability to integrate employee benefit and HR change data across platforms, MESSA tapped MIPRO Consulting for a PeopleSoft Benefits Administration implementation. MIPRO’s professionals designed, documented, created and tested a ben admin module that addressed the project goals established by MESSA:

  • Automate the process to import MESSA benefit and HR change data into PeopleSoft
  • Ability to distinguish weekly changes from Open Enrollment data
  • User-driven online transaction capability (self-service)
  • The ability to establish parameters on a school-by-school basis.

The implementation project, along with the technical work and customizations delivered by MIPRO, created a seamless path for MESSA employee benefit transactions.

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