PeopleSoft Lease Admin

PeopleSoft Lease Admin

PeopleSoft Lease Administration

How is your organization preparing for the upcoming Lease Accounting changes that will take effect in 2019 for public companies and in 2020 for private companies? Have you created a transition approach?

When it comes to PeopleSoft Lease Administration, our experience is unrivaled. MIPRO has implemented PeopleSoft Lease Administration for business services, fleet, healthcare, retail and hospitality management organizations. This is not a new fad, as it is for many consultancies.

MIPRO’s experience goes back to 2007, when we first created a dedicated practice to PeopleSoft’s Assets Lifecycle Administration suite of modules, which includes Lease Administration.

What MIPRO Will Do

  • Understand your organization’s requirements from budget to skilled staff to deployment constraints.
  • Determine the most effective staffing approach, either a staff augmentation or full project team.
  • Provide experts with vast experience and knowledge of PeopleSoft Lease Administration.
  • Create a unique plan tailored for you.

What MIPRO Will Deliver

  • A recommendation on how to best support your PeopleSoft Lease Administration implementation.
  • An implementation timeline with key milestones.
  • A resource requirements plan and defined scope encapsulated in a Statement of Work.
  • A successful implementation of Lease Administration, on time and under budget.


Download MIPRO’s PeopleSoft Lease Administration data sheet, MIPRO’s Deep Dive:ASC 842 Accounting Lease Standards and PeopleSoft Lease Administration white paper, or contact us today!