Oracle’s New Continuous Delivery Model for Campus Solutions

Oracle’s New Continuous Delivery Model for Campus Solutions

Oracle’s Curtiss Barnes on the new Continuous Delivery Model for CampusOPSE_logo Solutions:

First and foremost, this is an inflection point for us and represents the first (highly visible) move to the next generation of PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions (CS). Several years ago, when Oracle announced Applications Unlimited, we indicated that we would continue the development of CS with a vision of the very long run. Since then we have released the very substantial set of enhancements that comprise CS9.0. Many of our customers have upgraded to that release and are taking advantage of the Enrollment Back Pack and improvements in the internet-native Student Self-Service module, as well as features like Population Select/Update, which have enhanced productivity across all administrative offices.

Second, we’ve had ongoing discussions with our customers about finding ways to both reduce the scope of upgrades – especially those in the combined PeopleSoft CS-HR instance – and accelerate the time to market of new features. Upgrades – ours and those of our competitors – have their own history, and I think we all appreciate the idea that the old model existed because big release cycles were necessary to accommodate scope as ERP products evolved architecturally and matured in terms of functionality.

This is an interesting development in the support structure of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions that should be talked about.  From MIPRO’s standpoint, I think this is a great move from Oracle that will highly benefit customers, especially since they will be able to take advantage of new functionality without having to do a complete system upgrade.  Any campus solution customers that are not aware of how this is going to work will benefit from reading Barnes’s post in its entirety.



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