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National Instruments Transforms Global HR With Oracle HCM Cloud

MarketWatch: National Instruments (NI) equips engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery to meet not only grand but also daily engineering challenges in an increasingly complex world, and continues to experience growing demand for its technology. To help meet that demand and scale its business, NI selected Oracle Human Capital Management


Don’t Get Lost in the Cloud!

Terms like, the cloud, on-premise,co-existence: these are just but a few of the current strategies that most organizations contend with today in determining how they are going to manage their enterprise applications that run their businesses. It can feel like a daunting task, often equal parts confusing and overwhelming. The truth of the matter is,


On Finding the Balance Between ERP and SaaS

Recently, Naomi Bloom commented via Twitter on our blog post entitled, 7 Ingredients That Make or Break a PeopleSoft Upgrade: We felt it deserved a longer reply than Twitter affords, so here is our President’s response: Your comment implies that everyone is SaaS-ready or willing to ignore the investments they have made over decades.  If


Flexibility More Important Than Ever in Today’s Technology Environment

Do these terms sound familiar: SaaS, on-premise, off-shoring, on-shoring, the cloud, Big Data, mobile computing? I’m betting that not only have you heard of them, but you’re inundated with them. Customers today are flooded with choices on how they should or shouldn’t operate their enterprise systems. And naturally, the IT vendors in the marketplace are


Oracle’s Practical HCM Cloud Appeals to PeopleSoft Customer Base

Here’s Stuart Lauchlan, writing for businessCLOUD9: In the increasingly febrile battleground of Cloud HCM (Human Capital Management), Oracle’s racked up a couple of nice deals for its Fusion HCM from existing PeopleSoft users – the kind of wins it needs to stave off competition from Workday and SAP. First up, banking and financial services group


ERP Makes a Comeback

Dan Tynan, writing for CIO.com: For the past decade, ERP has been the poster child for IT projects that overpromise and underdeliver. It was notorious for painfully complex rollouts that took years to implement, required massive customization, and were often only partially realized. Billions of dollars were spent just trying to get ERP systems to work