Phil Simms Would Make an Excellent Software Consultant

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PeopleSoft 9.2: Modernization & Mobility with Paco Aubrejuan

Oracle’s Commitment to Keeping PeopleSoft Current In a recent article titled Modernization and Mobility, QA Magazine interviewed Paco Aubrejuan, Oracle’s Senior Vice President of Development for its PeopleSoft product line. It is a telling interview of Oracle’s commitment to delivering a PeopleSoft product that is both simple to use and mobile; things that today’s tech-savvy


What Does the Fox Say?

When I was a kid, there’s zero doubt I liked music and TV shows that my parents thought were the stupidest things ever foisted upon mankind. A talking dog with the munchies that helped a bunch of teenagers crack haunted house mysteries? A Japanese giant robot with missiles for fingertips? Please. The parent’s view: my


The Power of Google Now

Here’s Jamie of 37signals telling a story about Google Now, Google’s digital assistant found on Android phones running Android 4.1.x or higher: I hate being late for appointments. I got that from my father. He’s been drilling that punctuality sermon into me since I was young. My wife, on the other hand, seems to have no problem