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iPhone 6 Pixels

The first time you see an iPhone 6 or 6+ display, it looks considerably better than the previous generation iPhone (5S) despite having the same resolution. Bryan Jones, a photographer, explains it like this: The first time you switch on an iPhone 6, you will be amazed at how clear the display is.  It looks even higher


Updated: Backblaze’s Hard Drive Reliability Report

If anyone knows something about hard drives, it’s Backblaze, whose very existence depends on the reliable, stable backup of its customers’ data. Earlier this year Backblaze published a report that detailed their operational experience with hard drives from Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi and others. Just last month, they updated their findings based on the 34,000


TIP: Track W9 Forms Received Per Supplier via the PeopleSoft Supplier Definition for 1099 Reporting

The W9 form is required from all Suppliers to certify when they are exempt from backup withholding or the payer must collect withholding taxes on reportable payments to the IRS using the 1099 form. The tracking can be done in PeopleSoft using the Government Certification definition and tracked in the Supplier definition. How? Let’s do


The Daily Rituals of Great Minds

Part One I have become a bit obsessed about the daily work patterns of famous people. I liken this interest to my interest in biographies: it’s fascinating to see how someone who changed the world thinks and acts on a daily basis. Voyeuristic? Maybe. Informative? Like you wouldn’t believe. My new morning habit is to


Realtime Map of Lightning Strikes

This is too cool not to share: here is a realtime map of lightning strikes. (This region is set to United States, but you can select others on the left side of the screen.) Make sure your sound is turned on too, because you can hear audible notifications when a strike is reported. Average delay


Cool Tools You Can Use: Validation Templates for PeopleSoft Contracts Processes

For PeopleSoft Apps Strategy, Oracle’s Mark Rosenberg kicks off a new blog series called Cool Tools You Can Use. Headed up by PeopleSoft product management team, the series will be based on conversations Oracle had with PeopleSoft community members. The theme of this particular series is highlighting existing solutions to problems customers are trying to address. In