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If you’re planning on growing your business ERP is the way to go for today…and tomorrow. There have been many articles written about the pros and cons of each of these options for handling your maintenance and facilities management functions. They range from cost, flexibility, ease of use and complexity. It doesn’t matter what side


Lease Administration Navigation Collection

The Lease Administration navigation collection was added to the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface with release of FSCM Image 20. This navigation collection groups common functionalities used in Lease Administration in a single location. More and more functionality is moving to FLUID and the Lease Administration navigation collection is one additional example. There are few tricks


Improvements to PeopleSoft Procurement

Marc Weintraub (Senior Director of Product Strategy for PeopleSoft) spoke with Alexa Masters (Product Strategy Director, PS Procurement) to talk about the advancement of PeopleSoft Procurement solutions in 9.2. The three main challenges facing procurement organizations today are: Spend Creep Supplier & Contract Compliance Technology to manage the process In this video, Alexa explains the


PeopleSoft Interaction Hub – Selective Adoption

  Interaction Hub is Now Using the Selective Adoption Process! In case you are not aware, as of June of 2015, the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub is now providing updates via the selective adoption process. Customers can take advantage of selective adoption from the Interaction Hub in the same fashion as the PeopleSoft applications. As with the applications,


Selective Adoption Terminology

There are many terms out there related to selective adoption. In the beginning, the focus was all about PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM). However, PUM is simply one of many tools that help enable selective adoption. Let’s take a few minutes to clear up some definitions to hopefully provide more insight around selective adoption. Selective Adoption:


Employee Turnover

Since our inception in 2005 we have focused on our employee turnover for many reasons: Employees are our most important asset to us and our customers. We embrace and encourage professional, personal, spiritual balance to attract and retain superior talent. Employee turnover is very costly. Employees often leave in groups. This article is a great