PeopleSoft Supplier Self Service Series – Part III: Registration

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PeopleSoft Supplier Self Service Series – Part I

In this blog series, we will explore what is available in PeopleSoft 9.2 for Supplier Self Service. Dealing with suppliers, onboarding suppliers, supplier changes and simply addressing supplier questions can take up a tremendous amount of time and resources in Supply Chain (and in Accounts Payable). There are many available PeopleSoft activities which provide Supplier Self


PeopleSoft ERP Software – 2015/2016 Best in KLAS!

Did you hear the news? Oracle’s PeopleSoft ERP Software has been named 2015/2016 Best in KLAS! The report named top performing companies based on feedback from their customers. The title of Best in KLAS is a highly coveted recognition of outstanding efforts to help healthcare professionals deliver better patient care. It is reserved for vendor


PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management Presents a Range of Benefits for Healthcare Institutions – Part 2 Sourcing

One of the aspects of high-quality Supply Chain Management(SCM) is its ability to provide healthcare institutions with the capability to take a more proactive approach to sourcing. In other words, instead of working with a single manufacturer or supplier, hospitals can cast a wider net and proactively compare candidates based on a wide range of factors. By


PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management Presents a Range of Benefits for Healthcare Institutions

  The sheer logistics of operating a modern healthcare facility are daunting. From the most expensive medical devices to the vast array of paraphernalia required to provide comprehensive care (syringes, bandages, various medical instruments and medications), hospitals procure, store, utilize and dispense an extraordinary quantity of specialized material and equipment. It is an extremely complex


A Pace of Grace

Have you ever been running late for airplane?  You know the sense of stress and fear that you might “miss” your very important flight. If you do, then what? Think of how you see other people or how you treat other people during that chaotic sprint to hurry as fast as you can.  Do you