Why Should I Attend the 5th Annual Oracle Maintenance Summit? (Reasons #9-11)

Chris Bishop, Author at MIPRO

Twitter vs Enterprise Software

Ok.  That probably got your attention!  Thomas Wailgum’s recent post entitled Wake Up People! Forget Twitter and iPhone Apps, and Focus on SAP and ERP Apps had the same impact on a few of us here in the office at MiPro Consulting. Wailgum’s title is provocative.  More importantly however, his blog’s point is on target.


Be Fearless.

This is from the cover of the March 2009 edition of Entrepreneur. I loved it!  Sums up how we are thinking over here at MiPro. be fearless. See beyond the recession. Run a lean business. Protect your business idea. Raise your first round of capital. Keep the fire in your belly. Kick some ass.


MiPro Core Values: People

Three-and-a-half years ago, when we started MiPro Consulting, one of the first things we did was define a set of core values. Before our name, before our logo, before even our mission statement, we defined a set of values that would serve as a guide, or compass, for where we took MiPro Consulting. Over the